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This book provides a wealth of insight and wisdom through personal exploration of diverse religious and spiritual traditions. Both the devout and the non-believer can explore informative insight that teaches rather than preaches.

Tapping into God, Author Debbie Belmessieri



Mission: The purpose of Tapping into God is to promote understanding and appreciation of religious and spiritual diversity by illustrating the common threads that run through our various belief systems, and to foster respect for our differences. On an individual level, this work seeks to open minds and hearts, and to inspire those seeking divine connection.




“Our spiritual book club is finding this compilation of essays quite fascinating. Each segment is a perfect length to read and discuss. Although we come from several faiths and most of us are knowledgeable about spiritual paths, we are finding much to learn. What impresses us is that there are so many sincere and beautiful ways to reach God. We are learning appreciation for the deep desire that draws God into the everyday lives of people, and yet the expression can be so different. With a palette of colors, God, the Artist creates an amazing array of paintings.” - 5.0 out of 5 stars, Great for Our Book Club October 4, 2012, By V. Sidhu

“Elegant and masterful, disarming, thought provoking and enlightening, the elements of the book - Tapping Into God, by Debbie Belmessieri – are as diverse as the spectrum of its 28 authors’ spiritual experiences. The individual writers share a common passion which becomes apparent in the frank divulging of their particular beliefs and lifestyles, making this book much more than a mere overview of the various religions it represents. Intimate, sometimes poignant, portrayals of loss, longing, confusion, conviction and conversion pry the mind’s aperture encouraging the intellect to give way to the heart and allow charitable feelings, and perhaps tolerance at least, if not acceptance, of the variable human needs serviced upon tapping into the spiritual spectrum.” Excerpt, Ms. Sukhmandir Khalsa, a writer for About.com.


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